Great weather all year round, perfect destination for a beach wedding.

Gold Coast, Queensland, has a comfortable subtropical climate, ideal for outdoor fun all year round. Gold Coast averages 245 of sunny days and average rainfall is about 1,400 mm per year, much of it in the summer period (December to February). Daytime temperatures on the coast are generally about 20 ° C. The interior is a bit cooler, with winter temperatures around 16 ° C, maximums. In winter, the clear sky and the dry air present cool nights.

When it comes to finding an Insta-ready venue for the wedding in Queensland, there is no other better location than Gold Coast and Hinterland. It is picturesque, scenic, and an ideal location for a romantic wedding. Wedding venues in Gold Coast feature receptions from manicured gardens to hillside resorts.

It is certainly a great place to tie the knot, especially if you are getting married to the love of your life.

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