If you want a fairytale atmosphere, this is the place.

The Blue Mountains is a tough area west of Sydney in Australia’s New 
South Wales. Known for sensational landscape, it incorporates soak bluffs, 
eucalyptus woodlands, cascades and towns specked with guesthouses, 
exhibitions and patio nurseries.

Planning your wedding in the Blue Mountains has become easier and 
has so much to provide to the bride and groom and their attendees. The 
region is famous for its picturesque locations, giving way to a wide variety 
of creativity for photographers to experiment with at your event to 
produce some amazing pictures.

No doubt, a wedding in the Blue Mountains is the best place to have a 
nature-based wedding with the picturesque surrounding. To add to it, 
the place has a wide range of stunning reception venues that make your 
special day a perfect one. 

Also, the caterers 
of the Blue Mountains region are known to be versatile, making it a win-
win situation for everyone. To add to it, the Blue Mountain region 
provides a romantic, honeymoon retreat. All in all, it is a great place to get 

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